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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all—said by business writer Michael LeBoeuf ” and to this our firm believe in. Our firm seems small but fulfil all stages and all levels of a company by providing the best candidate profiles, from MTS to mid-level management profiles.

We follow a very simple strategy: KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. From our great regression work, we find the optimum and “SATEEK” candidate for the client like “YOURS” and form a SOLID bridge between CLIENT and Candidate. “TheGuidingHub (TGH)” plays a vital role by providing positive guidelines to both Candidate who is fresher and Client who is running after chunks of fresher resume to find the innovative and passionate profile to fulfil their requirements.

We believe in S3 approach like;

→ Simple: We follow simple approaches like finding requirements of Client and candidate
→ Suitable: We guide and provide suitable options to both client and candidate
→ Sustainable: We believe in long term relationship which is Sustainable for a long time.

We help organisations in firming up and implementing people policies, strategies and procedures with an aim to enhance business performance by implementing minimum Cost and maximum profit. By setting up our approach, we analyse job requirements, roles and responsibilities of positions in the context of the organisational goals to develop or improve upon the organisation structure and job specifications.

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About Us

TGH is acronym used for TheGuidingHub a place where every solution...

TGH is acronym used for TheGuidingHub a place where every solution is given to a growing firm and career passionate people with full guidance and support. TGH was established in 2015 with a vision to gather all sorts of opportunities under single umbrella at Delhi.

TGH word was chosen by Mrs. Thakur, a passionate lady and a career oriented women. During her initial stages of career she faced various issues while finding opportunities and to start a good career.Being a Post Graduate by education and also holding MBA in HR firm, she faced issues due to lack of references in a Metropolitan state, and lack of proper Guidance, hindered her path always. So, she thought that their might be numerous people like her who would be struggling in their career and also there were various firms who lack to find out the perfect candidate in their firm/organization. She came up with an idea of bringing people who were passionate towards their work and also the firms who were growing and eager to find suitable candidate in their firm. So she founded “TheGuidingHub” to bring both Candidate and Firm together under single Umbrella.

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Candidate Placement

We guide candidate by providing 15 days trainning without any charges and later schedule interview for his/her placement.

Staff Recruitment

We support our client in staff and mass recruitments. We organize mass recruitment drive too to help out our clients

Planning and Company Start Up Guidance

With our strategic guidance and planning we help new and upcoming organization that how to keep their existance and their pace in this current business world.


The Vision of our Organization is to provide a proper guidance to the candidate who lack references in this world and by which we help them in gaining moral confidance. Give them passion to get ahead of this world by helping them to make the best personality out of them so that by guiding them, by which we could build the most trusted Organization who neither guides nor provide equal opportunities to all but appreciated by everyone in this world.


Our only mission is, even if we could provide a single service, it will be perfect, passionate and positive to our business. To bring the best candidate placed to its appropiate place, who establish a long term relationship with client which ultimately built a strong bond of ours with client and candidate too. In just single line we like to present our Mission as "A Countable but Presentable."



TheGuidingHub is guided by these innovative and thoughtful people
Team Member

Kamini Thakur

C.E.O & Co-Founder

A passionate woman, who considers her work foremost, is a strong lady by nature. She believes in a philosophy i.e. “Simple Living but High Thinking” and in her own words it is defined as “Point your Mission in your life, and try to reach by your hard-work with a proper strategy, as long as you don’t reach your mission you must not give up.”

Team Member

Bimlendu Thakur

Lead Consultant

A workaholic man, who considers her work as a prime thing in his life, is a techie guy.

Team Member

Prashant Kumar Jha

Senior Consultant

Having esteemed knowledge on Accounts, Mr. Prashant Kumar Jha is best suited for this position. He is having a great link in current market and due to his skills he manages a great Customer Relationship with our clients.

Team Member

Archana A Jha

Team Co-ordinator

Archana Anupam is an artistic woman. She is doing great in her firm and also is well her domain.